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Another day begins!

Another day begins!

More machines being reconditioned today at Accurite. The latest being an Achilli monoblock machine. Stripped fully, sand blasted, and now repainted in full.


This weekend we had a customer to look at one of our new Skema machines in stock. He required a new machine quickly to complete a contact. The quickest he was able to get anything new from the uk was 6 weeks - at which time the contract would be completed! Our machine will be working in his factory on Wednesday of this week, a 3 working day turnaround #accuritemachinestock


Following a trip up to Cumbria to see our Compact Edge Polishing Machine, less than 2 weeks later it is being delivered to the customer.  Don't just let us tell you what these machines can do - come and see for yourself! #Accuritewellworththevisit


It’s only been with us a few months, and it’s already time to say goodbye!


Just completed the reconditioning and testing of this LCV711M vertical edge polisher....could you tell that this isn’t a new machine? - You certainly couldn’t when it was being tested!

50 not out!

50 not out!

This picture represents a landmark for Accurite - it is the  50th waterwall we have supplied in 2019!


Less than an month on from our last post on this machine (10 June) this is today’s situation.


About time our photographer worked out his morning alarm system! He’s missed the loading of two number 3m waterwall systems, heading for two customers in Lancashire.It’s a good job our technicians have better alarms! #accuritealwaysready