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Just arrived ...... a second hand waterwall .... being stripped and tested .... before being ready for sale!


Another active day at Accurite ..... including the loading of a reconditioned Weha-1200 bridge saw with turntable. On any reconditioned machine where there is a controller over 5 years old, Accurite fit a completely new electrical system, which future proofs any potential problem. The system can be seen on our YouTube channel #accuriteattractingmorecustomerseachday

Denver Training

Denver Training

Here you can see our technicians returning from their visit to Denver in San Marino, where they received training in the latest CNC software called Facile, which is probably the easiest and most user friendly software currently on the market. #Accuritemovingwiththetimes


No spray tan required for people in this weather - just machines!  Here you can see our technician working on reconditioning parts for one of our machines. #Accuriteneverstops


Our customer wanted to urgently collect a CNC machine earlier than arranged.  We were able to have the machine ready and waiting and here it is, the very next morning, leaving Accurite. #Accuritecanaccommodate


Good day for sandblasting - hardly a cloud in the  sky!


More activity this morning, the delivery to us of 12 waterwalls for our stock. Don’t mess around with ex works Italy prices, let Accurite give you a fixed price with delivery ex stock Cumbria. You don’t buy cars ex works Germany do you! Just because we all earn our living in the Stone industry doesn’t mean we need to trade pre-historically #accuritegivecustomerswhattheywant